Flight of the bumbled boxes

This month is timetabled for getting the physics working, which isn’t as ambitious as it sounds as my game isn’t going to need much. All that’s required is enough for the player to fall back to earth when they jump, but not to fall through it.

I originally had physics scheduled for later in the year, and the vaguely worded and scarily aesthetic and subjective ‘Make Terrain Fun’ down as my next task. But then I realised the only way I was only going to be able to tell if my terrain was fun to walk around on was if I was actually walking around on it, rather than flying above like some kind of sentient helicopter. So, physics was required.

After a few days of the preparatory work which sadly seems necessary before I can code anything fun these days, this morning I tried dropping physics-enabled cubes onto my extremely primitive collision detection system, and this happened:

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